This is the website from the Dutch Society of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (TAWN).

The TAWN is a society for persons interested in Thermal Analysis and/or Calorimetry.

The goal of the society is to assure that the members are well informed about the new developments in the field. This is to be reached with the following tools:

- Publication of the TA Bulletin, sent to the members approximately 4 times a year

- Organisation of meetings, with presentations and during which members can discuss about thermal analysis topics. These meetings are organized once a year, normally in the autumn, and also contain a membership meeting.

- Theme day. A selected theme is discussed into more detail, like calibration or glass transition.

- The travel grant for young scientists.

- This website.

- Contacts with international organisations and associated organisations in other countries.


 TAWN news:

prestigieuze onderscheiding voor Prof. Vincent Mathot