TAWN travel grant

One of the goals of the Dutch Society for Thermal Analysis is to promote the knowledge in the thermal analysis and Calorimetry field. That's why young scientist are encouraged to use thermal analysis techniques in a scientific way.

Several years young scientists have been awarded with a price when showing a dissertation, publication or study report which meets the criteria for such an award. The board decided that something new should be developed to encourage young scientists more to use thermal analysis techniques.

The new idea is to support scientists to present their work on an international symposium or congress. For this idea an protocol was written which is been accorded by the members of the Dutch Society of Thermal Analysis.

The TAWN wants to support Scientists (age of 35 or younger) to present their work in the field of Thermal Analysis and/or Calorimetry. A request for this support can be presented to the board which should be accompanied by:

- an estimation of the costs (travel costs, registration and accomodation costs)

- an abstract of the presentation acccompanied with the usefull information judge the content of the work.

When the grant is assigned the applicant recieves an amount of money which will cover the costs described above.

Candidates for this grant are kindly asked to apply and to inform as much colleagues as possible about this grant.


A more detailed description of the protocol can be read here.

For more information an email can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (secretary)